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  • Member: D3crypt0r
  • Title: Anime MashUp
  • Premiered: 2008-09-13
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    • Bethlehem Schatten aus der Alexander Welt
    • Blur Song 2
    • DJ Sharpnel BF2014
    • DJ Sharpnel Delusion Wonderland
    • ICP Rainbows and Stuff
    • Life of Brian Always look on the bright Side of Life
    • Machinae Supremacy Hero
    • Nukleuz Kollective Everytime we touch
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    Connichi AMV Contest "Best Comedy 2008"

    So, what should I say at this point?

    I still don't know what drove into me to create this... The idea came up while having a nice beer with my best buddy. The editing was just too funny, we always laughed our asses off while creating a new clip.

    It's a clip-based parody-/comedy-AMV. Some of the jokes are based on german TV-ads, so there is a slight chance that 1 or 2 clips can be quiet unfunny or confusing for non-germans. Sorry at this point.

    I have to say, after I finished the AMV, all I had to do was encoding the vid and uploading it for the Connichi 2008 AMV Contest. It was the last day before deadline and it was the hottest day this summer (32 degrees in my flat). So I put the AMV into the to-do-list of the converter and thought I could go out for a smoke while it's encoding. After I came in again, the screen on my laptop was black. I thought I forgot to turn off the screensaver but it wasn't the screensaver, it wasn't the stand-by-mode either. My RAM got fried in the heat of my flat, so all I did was getting my HDD out of the laptop, phoning a friend for a SATA-Adapter, collecting the adapter from him and finally rescuing the AMV by transferring it from the HDD to my desktop-PC. Only problem desktop-PC has USB1.1... Transferring the AMV, converting it and uploading it took quiet some time, it was 02:45am.

    But in the end everything was fine.

    When I was sitting in the main-hall, hearing my name being announced, I wasn't able to believe it.
    It took some time till I realized that my AMV is really being shown. And even more than enjoying my own AMV being shown, I enjoyed hearing the audience laugh and seeing them smile. I really had a hard time fighting the tears in my eyes, I was overwhelmed.

    At this point I also have to thank my best buddy again, Johann "DragonX" Smirnov. Without him, there would be no AMV called "Anime MashUp".

    Also a big thanks to Celes, you know for what.

    Processing-Time: 2 Weeks (I didn't edit 24/7 and I didn't have the time for using the whole day for editing)

    Hardware used:
    -AMD Turion 64 X2
    -1024 MB DDR RAM
    -ATI Radeon X1100

    Software used:
    -Adobe Premiere
    -SUPER ©

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