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  • Member: Bauzi
  • Studio: [LGS] Lazy Generation Studios
  • Title: Eve - The Perfect Human
  • Premiered: 2008-09-13
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    • Nine Inch Nails Closer
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  • Comments: "Those who search for perfection will break."
    "Sience is horror."

    This video is somewhat explict nature. Itīs on the edge of what is legal for local hosting on this site. I do got permission from two admins to host a censored version here. Beware that this video may offend you.

    .:Won awards:.
    Connichi Pro 2008:
    -Most Artistic

    Tekkoshocon 2009 - Adult Contest::
    -Best Extreme Video

    Finalist at the AWA Pro 14 AMV COntest in two categories:
    -Best Of Show
    -Most Artistic

    .:Short description of the content:.
    This is a fictiv medical Report of the project "Eve" wich mission is to search for the perfect human. This video covers themes like abuse or ethnical conflicts.

    .:Long description of the content:.
    The project "Eve" is a fictivious scientific attemp to research the perfect human. This video is like a medical report about the ongoing project. Itīs for me clear that no real report would look like this, but the beginning and the end should remind of such a report. Of course the mainpart was stylized like an usual AMV.
    The project is pursued mainly by man and thatīs why test subject are beautiful women because the embody already something that comes close to perfection with pure beauty.
    Of course theyīre not only searching for sexobjects. The women should be a mother-figure for them as well like I wanted to show at the scenes around 2:00.
    Additionaly there is a kind of underpart represented of singel men. They are part of the research and with theire help as test subject the effect of the project should be discovered. In doing so the often act agitated, violent, scared or confused about the peculiar perfection wich unhopefully overextend them. They quasi lose theire apprehension.
    I wanted to cover a lot of themes with this video:
    Violence, sexual craving, medical abuse, abuse itself, ethical conflicts of modern science, cloning, power over a defensless victim, crisis and questions about the own identity, helplessness and of course the search for the unreachable perfection.

    .:The technical side of the amv:.
    The editing is difficult of what I usualy edit. I like the slow paced style and think that Iīll try to keep it for future projects. Itīs not a hectic editing like at my amv "Different Realities" and it pays much more attention on creating a mood and atmosphere.
    Effects where something new for me. In the end I decided to stick with grunge textures, this blue colour correction and film damage fx. In my eyes it really fits and without them the video in this way wouldnīt be possible in this form. The sources had so many different styles and colours and this effects bring it down to one unit. Please keep that in mind when you comment the vid. I mean: I donīt really want to hear senseless bitching about them, ok? =D Itīs was very important for me to bring it under one hat.

    Used programs:
    Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    After Effects 7.0
    Riot Gear Effects Lite

    .:Notes about the used footage:.
    The scene with the woman head is from the music video Obscure from Dir En Grey.
    The picture of the head from the credits is a placard from "Die Möwe". An organisation against child abuse The pic gave me a lot of inspiration.
    A lot of textures are from artists of Iīll give credit to them later.
    There are some sounds in it from . A great source for free audio samples!

    .:The history of the amv:.
    Oh my god. This video really took me 9 months to complete it and 12 months to finaly upload it here. Yes the project started right after Different Realities in October 2007 and was completed in July 2008 for AWA Pro and the Connichi Pro contest. What took me so long? Well... I often got doubts about if the video will work out, various days full of gameing, no motiviation to editn, lazyness and so on. Iīm so proud of myself that I really finished it! That was great...
    At the beginning of the video I had a lot of ideas, but Aluminiumīs vid Closer gave me such a rush of ideas and motiviation. Wow. I never had something like that strong before. It was such a great feeling to be full of ideas =D Originaly I planned to use more life action and to make it more explict. Well I had to drop some stuff in the end, but I still love the vid now!
    An hard part of the developement of the amv was to stick on one certain style of colours and effects. There where so many great possibilities, but I think this one is just alright for the vid ^_^

    .:Special thanks:.
    -GfN-. Did I ever made something that really pleased you? =P I really thank him for always pushing me forward with showing me that there is always a way to do it better.

    Greggus1. I miss you dude. I thank you for betaing my vid. You were something like an audience of the editing.

    Kenka. For being a great person and for betaing =D

    Maja. For being such a nice woman too and you always build me up again when I met you. Itīs so wonderful for me to see people who really enjoy my stuff. Thanks for motivating me to keep on!

    Daniel Angerer. For boring me your NIN record "The Downward Spiral". I know you hate the record =P

    The Patient. Thank you for hosting my vids. This is so nice from you ;_;

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