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  • Studio: amvience studios
  • Title: Anime Academy Heroes - The Second Raid
  • Premiered: 2008-09-12
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    • Howard Shore The Bridge Of Khazad-Dum
    • Howard Shore The Ring Goes South
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    Almost 2 years later since the release of the original and here it is finally, the sequel to Anime Academy Heroes; complete and uncensored. I can't admit that I've been working on this non-stop since then, but the concept itself has been born since the day I first started getting Ops and QCs, all yelling in one form or another, "we want more!" Indeed I never actually planned to make a continuation to the story to start with; the first was supposed to be all there was. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have ended Anime Academy Heroes with "...but for how long?" especially if I never meant anything by it.

    Well then, spoilers galore will follow the rest of this video entry, so I suggest you go about watching the video first before reading on. Just like the first, I also aimed for The Second Raid to have material that was worthy enough of needing a spoiler warning.

    There are a few references made here towards Anime Academy Heroes, but predominantly you will probably not need to have seen that first before watching this. In the long run (once the third is released), it will prove beneficial to have seen that too, so my recommendation is to go watch it regardless. The characters are also all predominantly new, barring Harima, in order to provide continuity. And yes, just to reiterate, there will be a third. This wouldn't have come as a surprise if you watched the video first before reading this, but it's your lost now after not heeding my advice. One thing is for certain though; you will not need to wait another 2 years for the conclusion (work is now underway to get it done hopefully just as the new year starts). In truth, the idea for Anime Academy Heroes GT was what emerged first and The Second Raid happened only because (1) GT would have been a very long video with what needed to be covered and (2) everything goes in trilogies these days ^_^

    Anyway, to address some niggling questions about the story itself. I've taken the intuitive approach that in the past couple of years all of the previous students from the original story have now graduated except for Harima for which getting held back is quite his style. There's also a bit of falling out between Harima and his "brothers" for which we are only shown a glimpse of. Presumably it's because they too have graduated and he was still stuck in school, but whatever the case, he has also abandoned his Saiyan ways in order to focus on his internet studies to make sure he graduates this time around. The intro sequence also used scenes from the first Anime Academy Heroes.

    Massive thanks yet again to Yues Woman. I thought her unfinished Card Captor Sakura video was just the perfect random thing to plonk on at the end for the credits and she graciously let me. Thanks to OropherZero and jade_eyed_angel too for having a look at this.

    Just to remind you again; Anime Academy Heroes GT is on its way!


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