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  • Member: DenizenKagan
  • Studio: Seventh Dimension Studios, Uninc.
  • Title: Tomo: the Hellraiser!
  • Premiered: 2008-03-21
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    • Mentos The Freshmaker (Commercial)
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  • Comments: By the time I had all the equipment and materials I needed to create my first AMV, I had come up with over 30 concepts. This was the first, and this would be the first video I made.

    This video became rushed for completion sometime in March of '08. There was another video I had vowed to make before the end of the semester, but this one simply had to come first. So, I got to work. With my semester grades and GPA on the line, I began ripping footage. I was at a bit of an advantage, because I knew Azumanga Daioh very well, and almost had the whole video plotted out in my mind.

    The whole video took less than two weeks to put together.

    Why did this video have to be made first? Well, it's funny, it's short, and it's simple. It gave me what I feel to be an easy release into the world of AMV editing.

    This video was first screened at the final meeting of Mega Days of Anime 25, a week-long anime viewing celebration held every semester by UGAnime, the anime club at the University of Georgia.

    This is the first of four Azumanga Daioh videos I have planned, including one that's basically a longer version of this concept.

    Download, critique (PLEASE!!), and spread it around! Hope you enjoy!

    To check out other videos I have created, including all my AMV's, check out my YouTube page at:

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