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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Ai to Shi
  • Premiered: 2008-09-02
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    • Michael Kamen Boy Eats Chocolate
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  • Comments: This started about two years ago. Being a huge fan of Band of Brothers, I naturally got the soundtrack. After listening to the song, I really wanted to do something with it. I didn't like the violins at the end though. So I cut them out and actually had several different cuts. One of them was made by Nessephanie. Unfortunately I never thought of the right show to use.

    Wasn't until about late June and early July that I thought about it again. I was trying to make another video for the AWA pro contest but didn't have the motivation. I decided to look at some of my old videos just sitting there and I came across this one. I had a few time lines with some things on them but nothing I liked. Out of no where I thought of Hantsuki. It was perfect and simple. I also ended up using the entire song and didn't make any cuts to it.

    I always wanted to make another video similar to Elements but never had the right idea. I wanted to do something similar with this song. Instead of only doing stills and fading out until the next tone, I wanted to create some illusions of motion in some areas. I think it work out pretty well IMO. I like it.

    Ok enough about that. Whats going on in the video? At this point, I would rather you watch the video then come back and read... ... ... Done? Cool, so the video is about love and death. Thus the title. I didn't want to just name it "Love and Death" because I didn't want the viewer to realize what might happen. So I used Japanese. "Ai to Shi" is the literal translation. The original version had the ending you see here, a flat lined EKG... She dies. That was my original intent when starting the video. When the AWA Pro deadline was approaching I was a little unsure if I should do that. For me, that's how it ends and I'm fine with that, but an audience might not like that. So, I edited the ending to it was open. Instead of showing the EKG, it shows the dude (name escapes me) standing outside the ER.

    I did do some composting. The EKGs were modified. In the show, there is no flat line, she lives and everyone lives their life happily ever after. Well, the real world is a bitch and shit like that doesn't happen all the time... At least not to me. So, my original intent was for her to die. I ended up remaking both of the EKG shots in After Effects. Those are the only two shots that have any kind of animation. Everything else is a still frame. Why did I do that? Not sure. I felt like the scene would give more of an impact that way. When ever you look at a shot of an EKG, you always notice it moving and I think the impact of just a still wouldn't have been as big.

    Anyway, It was a short project. Hope someone likes it.

    *** Awards ***
    AWA 14 Pro - Best Instrumental

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