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  • Member: mirkosp
  • Studio: Visual Experience Studio
  • Title: Everytime
  • Premiered: 2008-08-31
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  • Song:
    • Imogen Heap Daylight Robbery
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  • Comments: So basically... this was supposed to be edited in 24 hours for the 5th soul's team iron chef.
    Since I'm slow and lazy, I took twice the time (mainly cause I was chatting in IRC instead of editing... if I had actually tried I guess I could have been able to finish it within the 24 hours...).
    Anyways, in the unofficial 48 hours placement I arrived 4th out of 11... I guess it's ok.
    Video itself is ok too... when I heard the song I thought that Last Exile would have fit, and I had some scenes in mind. The editing here is kinda "old-school"... mainly hard cuts and stuff like that. I think I was able to pull it out kinda neat anyway and the lyric sync is generally fine too... I guess I'm pleased with the result for a 48 hours IC, heh. O:

    Note: LOCAL is the higher resolution and quality version (1024x576 H.264)... it's the full quality since I was working with the PAL DVDs. If for some reason your PC isn't powerful enough or something, I guess you can get the XVID on direct ... lower quality and resolution, though.

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