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  • Title: Love Hurts
  • Premiered: 2003-04-11
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    • Me & My Dub-I-Dub
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  • Comments: Yeah. Not really much to say here.

    This is one of those AMVs that you throw together and project onto a wall while random music plays. =p

    TECHNICAL DETAILS: Well, I half-assed lip synched. That means I lip synched the first part, and then about 10 or seconds through the singing, I stopped. Don't ask me why. I did this AMV for fun.. And you know the deal with my 'fun' videos.. They suck majorily in the effort catergory. lol.
    Anyway, as with all my vids, this one has transparencies(That look rather cool, I might add, due to the wall that the slayers are singing infront of), fades, and of course, one of my other favorites that I don't get to use often, Directional Blurrs. There's two of those. And one artificial zoom.

    STORY DETAILS: I wanted this to be like a 'oh look at kenshin get hurt!" AMV, but while making it, it turned otu to be a character profile on Kaoru. Of course, when the slayers pop in, I totally abandoned that idea, and went to "Wow, cute guys, people getting hit by stuff." Sot his video just doesn't amek a whole lot of sense..
    The first character profile half kinda worked out, though..

    Wow. I had no idea there was another AMV witht he exact same title as this one AND with Slayers Next >.> Granted, if you are looking for "Love Hurts" by Vlad G. Pohnert, go here:

    This video was in no way based off of Vlad's, because I didn't even know it existed >.>

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