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  • Member: AceMan
  • Studio: Teh Weeabooz
  • Title: Do it demo style!
  • Premiered: 2008-08-30
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    • AceMan Do it demo style!
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    What the hell is this shit?!

    As some of you probably know, apart from an AMV maker I'm a demoscener. There was a demoscene party (something similar to convention) held in Poland on 29-31 of August with a lot of competitions (contests). One of the categories was "Anim" and since I'm familiar with video editing I decided to contribute. But the main problem was - what exactly should I make? What am I good at? Well, AMVs... and then it hit me - let's make a video that is both AMV and a demoscene-related production!

    I decided to make an AMV which would imitate oldschool Amiga demos.

    I am pretty aware that since it's a combination of two quite different art forms, the video may be weird and unclear for both communities. It's a mix of common demo motives and anime-related memes. Since most likely you're not familiar with many of them, I'll try to explain :)

    [00:07] Boot & Loading Screen - since the vid imitates Amiga demo, I've made it so it would look like it's running on real Amiga :)

    [00:40] Guru Meditation - standard Amiga crash error; equivalent to Windows blue-screen. It means that the demo crashed... NOT! (it's a funny joke, you should laugh at it)

    [01:00] Tunnel - one of the most used motives in demos. Here - the tunnel with objects moving inside it

    [01:14] Blob - rotating and morphing 3D objects are the core of demoscene

    [01:57] Sentences - it's common in demos to put some deep, existential words, sentences, definitions and thoughts. Makes it more artistic and gives a meaning to whole thing ;) Here - a Mudkipz meme parody of this motive (funny)

    [02:11] Cubes - Cubes are the core of the demoscene. Everything began from them. They're like a symbol of everything that's demoscene-related. That's why there is no real demo without a cube ;) Better start worshipping it (funny)

    [02:25] Porygons - demoscene coders often speak with pride of the number of polygons or faces the displaying 3D object has. The moar polygons the moar haxz0r skillz the coder has. Well, can you beat mah Porygonz? (funny)

    [02:42] Scroll - another thing often seen in demos - a scrolling image or an image with 3D object rotating on it

    [03:13] Greetings - like I wrote in description of my "Beyond the Clouds" video, the greetings are one of the fundamental motives in demos. It's nice to show respect to other creators and let them know you admire their work, even if you don't know them personally ;) Since the vid was displayed on polish party, I decided to greet only polish demoscene groups. The productions that are used in this part are:

    - "Yaga" by Anadune
    - "Soliloquy" by Elude
    - "Your Fingers So Gently On My Skin" by Plastic
    - "Scene Rulez" by Futuris
    - "Project 2501" by ADDiCT
    - "Glare" by MadWizards
    - "Angelic Forum" by ALLien Senses & Anadune
    - "M-ETHER II" by New Age Beats and "Drone" by New Age Beats & ALLien Senses

    Many many thanks for these groups for letting me use fragments of their productions.

    There are also a lot of demos that had big influence on me and you can find a little part of every of them in this video. I won't write down all the titles because the list would be too big, but I still want to thank creators for all the inspiration their works gave me :)

    Teh Weeabooz

    A group born to make this video. Since I'm weak in some things, like 2D & 3D graphics, I've asked few of my friends to contribute and help me with content to this production. That's why I released it on demoscene as whole group's production. Maybe we'll release something else together in the future, who knows :)

    Well, that would be it. Even though you may not understand everything I put in this vid, I still hope you will enjoy it :)

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