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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Freedom Rising
  • Premiered: 2008-08-17
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    • Moby Lift me up
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    Stanza's inspiried by this video (taken from the announcement thread)

    Robots are flying
    Came out of nowhere
    Piercing the darkness,
    Lighting the sky

    War in the heavens
    Missles ignited
    Charging to battle
    Attacking in swarms

    Forged out of steel,
    Of programs and circuitry
    Made to rebel,
    Forever defying...

    Freedom is rising!

    It’s strange, me doing “upbeat”, so what happened?

    I got inspired (some might say “infected” ) after watching this video (note; the name is coincidence I didn’t realise until typing this and getting the link that I also used “rising” ;_; and now it’s too late to change it).
    It made me want to make something upbeat and I had the moby song stuck in my head, that followed by a conversation with nightshade about how 99% of Gundam seed/destiny videos completely sucked arse, had me stealing all his discs and madly ripping 104 episodes into lagariths (yet another delay before I start on the video I’m meant to make for him x_x ). Around the time I started this I was being madly bugged by nubs to show them my beta’s and how I go about editing… the betas for this can all be found on youtube as a result.

    This video was not made for people with no knowledge of the series. Usually I try to make the video make sense to any audience, but as we are running through 104 episodes of 2 series that didn’t happen here. Unfortunately I also cut out a large number of characters purely for the lack of relevance and/or screen time required. It basically introduces a few characters and goes through their background and the reasons why they are fighting (this mostly involves me killing a large number of people, some, not in the same manner as they died in the series) To the end of the first chorus is all Seed so that’s 50 episodes in 1 minute X_x and I killed flay as soon as fucking possible, waiting till the last episode for that cow to die was like torture From there on we move to the destiny storyline with a couple of seed flashbacks. My 1 regret is not being able to kill Shinn (ran out of time) who am I kidding most of the people who watched Gundam seed wanted to kill that pretentious bratt. There is however a special treat for those Shinn haters out there in the end credits. Heh after seeing again all the crap Athrun went through I actually feel sorry for him (as much as you can for a chubby faced anime character).
    The idea I had behind this was about how they keep striving for something better, fighting for their ideals to make a better world, "talking just wont bring about change" and they all want the same thing, all have reasons to hate and fight, all have a gundam as a machine/tool and yet all ultimately fail... it's human nature to strive for something better yet time and again we fall to conflict. and our own petty desires.

    This has been the next biggest foray into AE since I made Howl .
    I did have more effects planned for this video by I ran out of ideas and my inspiration was flagging so it has ended up finished as is, lest I grow to hate the video.
    It was pointed out to me by Ghet that there’s a lense fail flare at the beginning of the vid… that actually wasn’t me, it’s in the footage as the sun rises behind the colonies in space.

    Things I learnt with making this video:
    1. If you ever want to torture Flame-X then strap him to a chair and force him to watch this and every other gundam seed video you can.
    2. Windows time strikes you whatever you are doing, the 3000kbps mp4 took nearly 2 hours not the 43 minutes it promised me :|
    3. Don’t ask for Sweetdeily’s opinion on scene selection when she has PMS (which she denied until the next day when she started bleeding) “I already told you! The whole video is fucked!”.
    4. no beta is safe from Lockstock, he has spies everywhere. “My spies tell me you have a new video, gimme beta now :| “
    5. there are vectors… and then there are really shitty jpegs which pretend to be vectors and make me want to stab the asshat who uploaded them after I spent 30 minutes cleaning each fucking image.
    6. Kewp is addicted to drama as Robert Palmer to love.

    Special Thanks to:
    Mark: for beta testing and being the voice of reason when others failed me, he also found the sexy announcement poster.
    Viney: for kinda beta testing but being super positive throughout each crappy beta iteration (and loving them despite their faults) and for revealing himself to on Lockstock’s payroll
    Omikami_Amaterasu: for inspiring me to make this and also being positive the whole way through
    Dave: for once again providing me access to his DVD collection for several weeks
    Marko for steering me back the way I should have gone even though I didn’t quite get there in the end.

    And lastly to the people who’s scans I stole on anime paper (too many for me to remember) and anyone I forgot on the list above

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