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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: Heart of Sword
  • Premiered: 2000-12-02
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    • TM Revolution Heart of Sword
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  • Comments: Since Trunks is my favorite anime character, it only seemed right to make a music video for him. This is the fourth version of my Trunks tribute music video, "Heart of Sword." As you might be able to tell from the title, the song used is "Heart of Sword," by TM Revolution. It is one of the ending theme songs from Rurouni Kenshin. Now, I generally dislike using Japanese/anime songs for my music videos, but the tune is just so gosh darned catchy, and it fits Trunks so well that I couldn't resist using it.

    This video is bascially the tale of a boy and his sword. There are also some scenes of other important fights in Trunks' life, but I tried to keep the focus on Trunks using his sword. The video starts off strong, and the middle is ok, but near the end...I got lazy. I will probably remake this video *again* someday, when more commercial DBZ tapes/DVDs become available. But for now, this is as good as this video is gonna get. There's action, fighting, and...lotsa Trunks. This is just another one of my "let's have fun" DBZ music videos. I hope you like it!

    This is an MPEG music video, and is 28 MB. The video is 3:25 minutes long. I used an ATI All in Wonder Pro capture card to get footage, and I used Adobe Premiere LE (yuck!) to compose it. I first made this video over 2 years ago. This particular version of it is a remake that was completed last year.

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