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  • Member: MeriC
  • Title: One Guitar
  • Premiered: 2008-08-08
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    • Foreigner Juke Box Hero
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  • Comments: * 2nd Place: Dramatic/Serious at Otakon 15 (2008)
    * Winner: Best Dramatic/Serious at Anime Evolution 2008
    * Winner: Judge's Best Overall at Anime Evolution 2008
    * Guitar Hero award: Anime Weekend Atlanta 14 (2008) - Expo AMV Contest


    This is a very basic, (hopefully) easy-to-follow character profile video about Koyuki from BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. It follows the story of the song itself nearly to a T, and there's basically nothing deep about the video. It practically made itself due to the nature of the song and footage. That said, I loved making it. It was so painless and fun!

    The Idea:

    I really struggled to come up with an idea I liked for the Otakon 2008 AMV contest. I think I started and scrapped three videos. We have Rock Band at home, and my fiancée downloaded "Juke Box Hero." Somehow, I went my entire life without ever having heard this song before (weird, huh?). When I heard it in the game, I HATED it! I thought it was a stupid, obnoxious song. I did, however, think, "hey, this would make for a fun AMV to BECK!". Since I didn't have any other ideas I liked, I decided to take a chance and edit to a song that I really didn't like. Eventually, the song grew on me.

    The Story:

    As I mentioned before, the story of the video is essentially the story of a song. A kid tries to go to a concert, but it's sold out. He hears the show from the outside, and immediately falls in love with the prospect of playing music. So, he goes out to buy a guitar, practices like crazy, and eventually makes it big. This is pretty similar to what happens in the anime, so it seemed like a perfect fit to me.

    This video does have a lot of amusing inconsistencies. Most noticeably is the fact that there is more than "one guitar." There are like 10 or so guitars! I used a combination of guitars that Koyuki actually uses in the series, and then, when I ran out of footage, I just used whatever guitars I see. This was somewhat painful for me, since I really like to remain consistent, but oh well, can't win them all.

    Another somewhat inconsistent issue is in the timeline of events. At times, I show Koyuki playing in the band BECK while he's still struggling to learn things on his own. I don't think it's that glaring an issue, but it's one thing that bugged me.

    One thing that was a deliberate inconsistency was in the timeline of events. In the middle of the video, I show Koyuki playing at a big concert (after he's presumably hit it big), only to then go away from that part of the story, and return to the past. I later end the video with "the big concert" to kind of come full circle.

    And so...

    I love this video for its simplicity and character-focused nature. It was nice to take things "back to basis" and not worry about effects for once. I think the story speaks for itself, and for a video that's so dependent on listening to the words of the song, I think anything over the top would have been a deterrent (though I would have liked to have done some coloring effects if I had more time). I hope you enjoy the video! Keep on rocking!

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