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  • Member: Katrix
  • Title: Chaos Unleashed
  • Premiered: 2007-08-19
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki Game
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  • Comments: Program: Sony Vegas Studio 7

    **My AMVs are not of crisp, clean video quality (due to the re-rendering process of making files smaller at the sacrifice of quailty) ...but please still consider giving them a chance.**


    My first Naruto AMV, not to mention the most time consuming... actually having it lay about for too long was a bad thing to do. I messed around creating effects to the best of my abiliites just to bring my AMV skills up a notch.

    The story is faily straightforward, basically of how Naruto and Hinata fight for each other, also for their goals. Naruto, to become the next Hokage, while as Hinata fights for the one she admires as well as getting him to notice her. It's concentrated on the two battles of Naruto vs Kiba and Hinata vs Neji. Other scenes were added just for kicks, plus becaues I was running out of extra footage. Audio in the beginning is quite low, just a heads up. The Japanese vocals of the song are not related to the vid in any way. I only concentrated on the must itself and just thought of it as an instrumental.

    On a side note, big thanx to Breedo for firstly providing me episodes to get started with and second, for encouraging me to finishing working on the vid, so it's all 'cause of him that the AMV is complete.

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