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  • Member: NekoHikaruChan
  • Studio: HX Projex
  • Title: ...:::What's Left Of Me:::...
  • Premiered: 2008-05-10
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    • Nick Lachey what's left of me
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  • Comments: Introduction
    Alright this is not exactly my first video, but it is the first I am uploading here and my first Rozen Maiden Video. I've made many vid's, but this one I am actually proud enough of to upload here. I worked for a week on this, not as much time as it should of been. But it took me forever to match the lyrics to each scene perfectly as best as I could. To the masters, it is probably not all that well done and might be boring. But the song its self is a bit boring, and I'm proud of it no matter what. I had it on Youtube for a while, but only got a few comments. So if you see it there, We are the same person.

    Video Concept
    This was my first Rozen Maiden video. So I wanted to make something to portray the anime to my friends that had not seen it. But also to create a tribute to show the relationship of Jun and Shinku. I went through many songs that I thought fit RM, but finally I found this one way back in my files and while listening to it, automatically thought of Jun, and of everything the dolls did for him, and how he was caught up in the Alice Game now.
    So going off of that idea, this video goes through the time-line of Rozen Maiden. From season 1 clips only (except a few flashbacks) to Traumend clips later on in the second half. Except for a few clips, I tried to keep it in order of the anime, and tried to show the sequence of events. The video is mostly JunxShinku for those shippers, but has some of the other dolls in it, because in reality of the anime, they all helped Jun somehow, and he was affected by all of them. Along with Suiseiseki who was also his doll.

    Although I'm not new to AMV making I try not to add flash effects. If I do add some, they are usually intended to help the video. I know others who use the 'Sony Vegas freak style' and completely base the video off effects, but I try not to do that. For this video especially. The song its self was slow, and so I added little if almost no effects, except to portray emotion at times. So if you're looking for great effects. I'm sorry this might be a bit boring. Though I did try a bit of masking which probably didn't turn out well.

    What I do however focus on is the lyrics. To me matching a video scene to the lyrics is the MOST important thing in AMV making. If the song doesn't match, then there's really no point in using it. And so I strive to match every scene perfectly. If it didn't fit in lyrics, I tried to make it fit in a symbolic way of the lyrics. But for this video specifically, I tried to match the whole song, to the anime, to Jun, and to the scenes.

    For this one I used Sony Vegas 8.0 and Adobe Premiere CS3

    Things Missing
    You'll notice that there is no title or credits. This is because it was made for an AMV contest at a Con. And their rules are strict. I didn't enter it in time though, so it doesn't count. But that's why there is that missing.

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