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  • Member: VEEVEEx
  • Title: Elvis Is Dead, But Kyon's Alive
  • Premiered: 2008-08-09
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    • Krystal Meyers Only You Make Me Happy
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  • Comments: I actually started working on this video a month ago, but I cancelled it when I was half-way finished with this (can't remember the reason why). I thought this video was going to stay in my "Incomplete AMVs" folder forever, but I guess I was wrong. I'm not sure why I decided to continue this video.. but, oh well, it's already finished.

    I first heard this song when I bought Krystal Meyers's "Dying For A Heart" CD. I'm not sure why, but it reminded me of Haruhi, so, I tried to picture an AMV of 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya' with the song "Only You Make Me Happy". No, the video I had in my mind wasn't perfect; the AMV did not come out exactly what I pictured either.. but either way, I'm satisfied with it. :)

    The programs I used was Windows Movie Maker and Sony Vegas 6.0. The last half of my video took me about 5 or more hours, despite the fact that it doesn't look like that much work. >_>" I'm not sure how much time I spent working on the first half of the video (like I would remember how much time I worked on this a month ago), so I'll just say.. I spent about 8 or more hours on this AMV.

    This was ORIGINALLY supposed to be a test AMV - I was trying out some new effects and crap on Sony Vegas. Unfortunately, most of the effects didn't really match the song, so I basically ended up using none of the effects at all, somehow.. I knew I could use a few effects on this AMV, but.. I don't know why I didn't use them. =/ I must be really retarded.. haha.. The only other thing I have to say about working on this video is that.. THIS SONG IS FREAKING ANNOYING! I mean, the only phrase that the singer repeats so much is "ONLY YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!". Don't get me wrong.. this is a good song, I know; it's just that.. it gets on my nerves when listening to it for so long.

    The title of this AMV, "Elvis Is Dead, But Kyon's Alive", came to my head, like, RIGHT AFTER, I heard that line in the song ("Elvis is dead, but my king's alive" (or something like that)). I thought it was a catchy title. XD Well, yeah, that's all I really have to say. I just hope you don't waste your time watching this /failing/ AMV. Though, if you DO happen to watch it, please give me some advice on how to make it better!

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