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  • Member: Honou_Miko
  • Title: Kyouya the Wicked
  • Premiered: 2008-08-05
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    • Pearl Jam Jeremy
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  • Comments: To be perfectly honest, this video did NOT turn out how I originally intended it.

    I wanted it to be about Kyouya's family tensions, and a little bit about the people who have figured him out... but, with the lack of footage of him and his family, plus the surplus of instrumentals in this song... it transformed into him being in love with both of the people who can see through him (Tamaki and Haruhi). And in the end, since those two end up together, he's still alone, stuck with his family's expectations.

    Not as cohesive as I usually like my videos to be, but I still like it. It's a LOT more depressing than I originally intended, too, but seriously, this video had a mind of its own. One clip led to another... new interpretation grew more and more interesting with each clip... I kind of feel horrible about it and want to give him a hug. I am so sorry, Kyouya. o_o

    I hope the video doesn't drag too much, either.

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