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  • Member: MeriC
  • Title: AWA 2007 Iron Editor - Over the Top
  • Premiered: 2007-09-22
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    • Inspector K Tension
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  • Comments: The joke for Iron Editor at AWA 2008 was that Mike (VegettoEX) and I, the current AWA co-champions, would actually fight against each other so that only one of us could be the AWA Iron Editor. To the audience, however, it appeared that we'd both be taking on jbone, which was just a ruse. And so, Mike and I duked it out in an Iron Editor match at the con, and I ended up winning. Shock!

    The theme was "Over the Top." Since I had NO clue what to do, I decided to make my video all about having no idea what to do for the theme, so I went in several directions at once. Genius! As for the song, this was the first Iron Editor I ever did where I more or less picked a song at random at home, and just went with it. I know I wanted to use a fast song, so I browsed through our home computer and noticed at Mike's collection (we're getting married, so I have access to his insane music collection, muwahahah) of rythm video game soundtracks. I randomly found a song from the game "In the Grove" that I liked, so I picked it. Like I said, this was very different from other Iron Editors I have competed in since I picked a song I didn't really know.

    And so, with a half-baked video concept and a randomly-chosen song, I somehow managed to win. This is probably my favorite Iron Editor video I've ever made, and I'm actually quite astonished I managed to pull it off. :)

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