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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Tribute to Freeza
  • Premiered: 2001-02-12
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    • New Found Glory Hit or Miss (Original Recording)
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  • Comments: I had originally intended for this to actually be a video that would let me get taken seriously in regards to music videos. To top it off, I was going to use DBZ. I really thought I'd make the greatest video.

    Sure enough, it's something I consider to be very mediocre.

    This was my first long-term project. I knew I wanted to use footage from the Ano Yo Budokai (the Afterlife Tournament, which takes place after the death of Cell), but the commercial VHS release wasn't out yet, when I started the video (which was probably late 2000). So, rather than compromise my content (I thought about using footage from the I-Channel, but logo-ness would still be present), I decided to just wait it out.

    It ended up being a really dumb, but fun, video to show off my love for Freeza (whom, other than Pilaf, is my favorite villain in the entire series ^^). Turns out the video ended up being about Freeza getting his rear-end handed to him. Oh, well.

    There's a couple little fun timing bits, and some bad ones. My favorite one is when Trunks first appears in the video, and the timing is to the three quick drum beats. The one I thought was the worst, and don't know why I did, is to the "waited too long.." part very close to being after the afore-mentioned. Looks very newbie-ish.

    The beginning I knew how I wanted, and timed up the beat to Piccolo getting zapped, and edited the frames to have Gokuu perfectly sync up with "Let's go!" (the only lip-synching in the video, therefore I chose not to associate the video, over-all, as having lip-synching). Actually, the entire first verse has some decent timing on key beats, while the rest of the song seems to trail off in that department.

    Something I didn't notice until months after I completed the video is that about 23 seconds into the song when the lightning crashes twice around Gokuu, it goes on the cymbal crashes. Neat. Wasn't intentional, at all.

    Another draw back is that some parts seem to be long scenes with little splicing in them, leading you to wait too long for the next scene...

    I *was* pleased with the mood generated 2:40 - 2:53 in the song, with the death of Freeza by the sword of Mirai no Trunks.

    So, while I'm not to pleased with the end product in terms of music video quality, it's something fun to show off, and I think that if I can expose even the music to some new people, then I did *something* that has some worth to it (mind you, I used the ORIGINAL recording of "Hit or Miss" by New Found Glory, off of the "Nothing Gold Can Stay" album). Also, it let me show off Freeza. Huzzah.

    Maybe I'm being overly harsh on myself. Do it justice and please give it a chance, and let me know what you think.

    Video was created via ATI All-in-Wonder 128 video card. Only commercial videos were used (no fansubs).

    ** NOTE **: Current MPEG is a re-encoded version of the video that was originally up. It is now encoded at 1500 kbps, still 320x240, but also with the VHS crap at the bottom and sides cropped out.

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