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  • Member: Autraya
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: AMV live (IC) AVCON 2008
  • Premiered: 2008-07-27
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    • Funeral For a Friend Into Oblivion
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  • Comments: This is the video I made during the AMV live event at av-con there were supposed to be more entrants but, Mark is a pussy who likes to skii, kristy is a cheapskate, Server was lazy, Justin's computer blew up, Rohan got lost in translation, Viney was hidng from me, Callum was giving oral sex to a microphone... but Bob, Bob is awesome ;3

    2 hours (1:40 cause Callum cant count)
    1 sekrit source ( Eva FTL - and only 'cause Justin and I hate the damn series)
    7 crappy songs (I'm seriously going to kill whoever decided to give him the most un-editable songs they could)
    aaaand that's the story of how Walkure studios won the battle for "LOCKSTOCK -LAND" ;D

    ps bob's vid was awesome

    I spent about 15 minutes while waiting for my plane filling out the last 13 seconds of the time line so it err "ends"
    The Gundam00 is from fan sub mkv's it's a reeeeally clean source but I didn't quite manage to cut out all the bits from the actual show with intro text unfortunately ;_;

    ABout the filesize: I had to return the lappy I was using so I've only managed to save the 1st pass xvid with uncompressed audio sowwy.

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