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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Studio: Hagaren Studios
  • Title: Sacred Maiden
  • Premiered: 2008-07-28
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    • Spitalfield Five Days And Counting
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  • Comments: I first heard this song a couple of years ago, and have been wanting to make an AMV to it ever since. But none of the anime I ever got into really fit the song.

    But when Kazemon15 made her "Ice and Snow" AMV, I though "Oh, duh" and marathoned DNAngel and bought the song off ITunes (Which amusingly was the only song off that album which does not contain explicit lyrics, haha) so I could start this AMV.

    For the most part, this AMV has pretty simple editing. Straight cuts and fades, sprinkled with just a few effects. That's definitely what I was going for, because after making Digital Phenomenon, a simple AMV like this was kind of a relief to make. Of course there were STILL problems, It took me forever to get the timing right on a bunch of the scenes. If I moved the scene one slot to the left, it came in too early. One space to the right, it came in to late. The beats were just really hard for me to actually find in this song, and I have no idea why. It took me forever to find some scenes to match some lyrics as well. I mean, the first line of the song was almost the last scene I ended up putting in the vid....

    Onto the AMV itself. I spent almost the whole series hating Risa. She knew Daisuke really liked her, but flat out said he wasn't good enough for her and started chasing after Dark, who was basically leading her on the whole time. Then when she found out that Dark didn't want to be with her, she started going after Daisuke again because he "reminded her of Dark" (Which I still don't see how that works, even if they are technically the same person). Then she screwed up their relationship and Daisuke fell for her sister Riku. Honestly, it's lucky that the last few eps redeemed her in my eyes.

    So actually, that's basically what the AMV is about. Lots of DaisukexRisa, RisaxDark, DaisukexRiku, and angsty teenage romance. Kazemon15 uses this anime and makes an epic fantasy AMV, and I use the same anime and make an angsty teenage romance AMV. Hmm.... :|

    Special thanks to Kazemon15 who helped me a LOT.

    Easter Eggs:

    * There is one thank you message of sorts hidden in the video. Can you find it? ;p
    * I cheated and used one scene from another anime as a filler scene because I just really needed one more scene. I changed the scene around quite a bit so it would match with DNAngel better. Bonus points if you can tell me which anime the scene comes from.
    * What was that in the ending credits? Could that mean that HagarenViper has another better DNAngel AMV planned in the future? Oh, gasp! D8

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