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  • Member: Angelic_Sabyne
  • Studio: Cerulean Rogue Productions
  • Title: Trip Like Tutu
  • Premiered: 2008-07-25
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  • Song:
    • Filter & Crystal Method Can't You Trip Like I Do
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This has to be one of the most unusual ideas I've come up with thus far in my AMV making. (Of course, now I'll come up with even weirder ideas since I said that!) I'm not sure exactly where the inspiration for this combination came from, but I figured it would make an interesting experiment to see if Tutu and techno could go together somewhat reasonably. It was also an experiment for me to see how much I could play around with different settings in Premiere Elements and still get a halfway passable video from the results.

    In the end, this was a fun video to make. the timing was a royal pain, and several of the clips made me want to bash my laptop against the nearest brick wall, but in the end I'm happy with all the tinkering I did in Premiere Elements. Originally, this was going to be a Fakir/Duck themed vid, but midway through my planning stages, I thought making it an ensemble vid would be more enjoyable.

    Anyway, even if the combo of Tutu and techno isn't your cup of tea, I hope you enjoy this little experiment of mine!

    (As always, I do not own either the anime or the music. This vid is purely fan-made. I also ask you please ask me for permission if you wish to use any clips from this AMV. Thanks!)

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