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  • Title: Tsukasa's Story
  • Premiered: 2003-04-09
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    • T.A.T.U All The Things She Said
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    *UPDATE June 8, 2005*
    New upload, Tsukasa's Story Remux.
    The horrible AIM Ding was taken out, the playback error fixed, the format changed to wmv, the video deinterlaced, and softened to minimize noise.

    Wow. OK, I *Finally* got this in the catalog.

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: TONS of fades, playing with rubber bands and transparencies galore. If it could be done with rubber bands, It was done in this video. I also had one artificial zoom.

    This AMV is by FAR one of my best. It doesn't outshine "Fear Dot Hack", but rather, is kind of on the same level. The video just basically shines on Tsukasa's life, his inner feeling, his player.. His mom, his dad... And dwells on the fact that he can't log out. I've only seen the first 5 episodes.. Ever, but I've been told what happens through the story. So, with that knowledge, I gathered all the foreshadowing scenes in the first 5 eps and smushed them together, hoping they made sence. It turned out well. ^-^
    When you see the part around the middle, where the lyrics go "Mother, looking at me, tell me, what do you see? Yes, I've lost My mind." and "Father, standing near, can you tell me, have I crossed the line?"(I know the father lyric's part arn't right.. Just a guess, as I jog my memory).
    I redid that one section abotu 6 times. I had the Mother section pretty much figured out, but the father section I wanted to show too much information at once. Can you believe I actually had 5 things going on at the same time?? FIVE THINGS!! FIVE! **I** couldn't even figure out what was going on when I watched it... So, through much trial and error, I think I got it down to three or four things.. But they're not oging on all at once. I think the most going on at once is two... Until you get near the end, where it's four, again. But that one second or so of footage is SUPPOSED to be confusing...

    If you haven't guessed it, this Character profile has to do with the thought procsses of Tsukasa! (lol). And as you can image, Tsukasa is VERY confused!
    The funny/interestign thing, though, is that I sometimes have the scenes synching witht he lyrics, and sometimes witht he beat. Since the beat is kind of off with the lyrics, when I switch from lyric following to beat following, it looks like my scene cuts are off beat... That's why you should LISTEN CAREFULLY... This AMV is visually powerful...And stunning, compared to my others.. (Well, aside from "Fear Dot Hack".. WHich will probably be the smoothest video I'll ever get in my life..)

    Yeah, even though the lyrics go "All the things SHE said" it sounds like "All the things THEY said" so I kind of went with that aspect since everyone that said import things weren't girls(But most of them were), Also, keep an eye one what order the people who said stuff come in, and when I make them appear first.(that's important! ^-^)
    No, this is not a lesbian video. It is purely .hack with no love interface. Well, maybe a little, but you really can't tell. Enjoy this video!

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