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  • Member: Vivaldi
  • Title: A new day
  • Premiered: 2008-07-14
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  • Song:
    • E Nomine Ein Neuer Tag
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  • Comments: This has probably been one of my favorite amvs that I've made yet, mostly because for once I had no technical trouble, and I used no tedious effects like rotoscoping.

    Anyway, I really tried to tell a story with this amv. However, it's done in the form of a series of flashbacks. While the future is grim and unfriendly, the past remains a safehaven of good memories and better times. This is repersented visually (to a point) by everything in the future being dulled and monotone, while the past is lush and vivid. The lyrics to the song I choose represent this approach very well.

    (english lyrics (omitting repeats and whatnot)
    A New Day

    The return of light freed the clasp of Darkness with hope for piece in eternity.

    A new day.

    It is the return of eternity and mallice was the greedy name. Vicotry was tough. Wisdom rules my earth, my Earth.

    The prophet announces the return of the empire. The victory of the good was wiped away by greedy blood. The good deeds of the Gods, everlasting despair, power, might, victory; all in my life

    Programs used:
    Sonyvegas 6.0 only.

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