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  • Title: A Tribute
  • Premiered: 2002-01-04
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    • Chad Kroeger Hero
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  • Comments: *****************THIS IS A SLIDESHOW****************************

    This is for X by CLAMP with the ever so famous song "Hero" from the Spider-Man soundtrack. I usually don't use popular songs for slideshows but this just fit well with X... Please go through another torture segment to listen to the song just once more for the the art in this slide show! It is of moderate speed.. As in, faster than slow, but slower than fast.. Enjoy!

    *********HAS SOME MILD YOAI***********

    This is kind of a story about the love between kamui and Fuma even though they are destined to destroy eachother by fate and join different sides. You can kind of see the story in this, as there's more of it then in all my other slideshows. This was the last slideshow I made before I actually got the "stuff" to make AMVs. In case you're wondering, yes, I do plan to turn this into an AMV some time... And I know it's been overdone to death here, but oh well.
    Oh. Most of the pictures are from the manga of X, and other of CLAMP's works, and only a few are actual screenshots of the movie.

    ((I know I made this Show in 2002, but I'm not sure about the exact day, so the date is probably way off.))

    Some of the pictures were converted to black and white for a better tempo, so if you can't see the picture very well, sorry.

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