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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: You're Not Alone, Quatre!
  • Premiered: 2001-01-02
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    • Final Fantasy IX Original Four Disc Soundtrack You're Not Alone!
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  • Comments: ************THIS IS A SLIDESHOW********************
    Well, this was my 2nd slide show, and I was really full of myself. Being as SQ was an awesome role play character and all. It's really a scene stolen from FFIX where I added in Angel Sanctuary people for my character. It's slow. But the art is still worth seeing.

    When I look back at this slideshow, now, I laugh. Really, really hard. Boy, was I full of myself. ><
    Keep in mind I was only 13 when I made this.
    ((I know I made this in 2001, but I don't know the exact date, so I guessed. It's probably waaaay off.))

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