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  • Member: MisterFurious
  • Studio: Future Boy Digital Productions
  • Title: Fix You
  • Premiered: 2008-05-23
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    • Coldplay Fix You
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  • Comments: The idea for making an AMV to this Coldplay song came from my wife. She and I had been watching "The Complete Jane Austen" on "Masterpiece" and she asked me to watch a montage video of clips from the various films that had been edited to a much-shortened version of the song. She simply asked me, "Can you make a video to this song?"

    After going over some of the obvious choices, I finally settled on "Howl's Moving Castle." Although my original intention was to illustrate how Sophie saved Howl's soul through the course of the film, the footage guided me into telling a second story - how Howl saved Sophie, too.

    One big challenge I gave myself - NO OLD SOPHIE! For those who haven't seen the film, Sophie spends the majority of the film as an old lady, under a witch's spell. With all due respect to Sophie's character, even under such harsh circumstances, the video would have been substantially less romantic if I had used any images of old Sophie with the bishonen Howl. Somehow, I managed to stick to that rule without compromising the video.

    Admittedly, this was the first time I edited a song for an AMV (I also edited the source material for "Tim Thomerson: Deth Rebirth," but that was technically not an AMV, and it was only to turn a 9-minute cue into something more like 4-5 minutes). I listened to both the album version and the single version. I didn't like how the single version started with the vocals, so I kept the 4-bar introduction from the album version. However, I did re-create the single version's shortened bridge from the end of the first chorus to the beginning of the second verse. Finally, I felt the instrumental break between the end of the second chorus and the bridge was too long, so I shortened it by half. That was it. Total reduction in time from the album version: maybe 20-25 seconds.

    There was a technical problem. The US DVD was encoded and encrypted in such a way that I had to re-rip certain segments to get more fluid animation for a sequence, or to grab a scene that was missing from early rips. There are still two clips that were could not be repaired, but only the most observant will notice the glitches.

    Once footage was captured and converted, editing took two solid weekends using Final Cut Pro 6 on my MacBook Pro.

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