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  • Member: Ijexis
  • Studio: NirvAna Studios
  • Title: Pyreflies: Whispers of the Dead
  • Premiered: 2008-06-20
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    • Nobuo Uematsu Aerith's Theme (Piano Version)
    • Sigur Rós Saeglopur
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    -AnimeNEXT 08 Judges' Award-

    Technically I had this "completed" about half a year ago but I was never actually satisfied with the outcome because it wasn't exactly how I pictured it. So over the following months I worked on it every now and then spending time on the parts I wanted changed until I was completely satisfied with every part of the vid.

    One segment I actually had to do a bit of motion masking because I pictured the scene needing it...although, you most likely won't even notice it.

    As for the storyline, I had to do very careful scene selection to make sure I could tell the story properly and even though some parts might seem to legitimately follow each other, if you watch the movie, they do not. In actuality, the storyline stemmed from one thought, "No Sephiroth". Especially since a lot of Advent Childrens videos tend to use that footage, I wanted to do something a bit unique without the need to show the One-Winged Angel.

    *Sorry for the uncompressed audio...seems I messed that up again...will fix soon*

    Note: I understand that the storyline will not be very apparent to everyone due to how fast paced the AMV becomes so I will have a summary description, please only read after you've first watch the video.


    Cloud stands before the Pyreflies, the souls of the dead and Aerith's image comes to mind. Aerith then descends from the heavens to take Cloud into the Realm of the Dead. When he is there, he cannot stop thinking about Tifa for an unknown reason.

    He is then summoned by Aerith where she explains to Cloud that Tifa is in danger and if he doesn't go, she will die. With a gentle push she sends him back down to Earth and immediately he remembers his duty. He must go and save Tifa and he heads toward her.

    However, at that moment, Loz arrives at the church where Tifa and Marlene are located, getting there before Cloud could arrive. He attacks Tifa and she tries to defend herself but she realizes he might be a little bit too difficult for her to face.

    As Cloud is trying to get to Tifa he is confronted by Kadaj who is trying to stop him from interfering. The fight between Tifa and Loz continues as Tifa gets the upper hand and believes she is victorious. However, Loz attacks her unexpectedly, severely injuring her. Sensing the danger, Aerith intervenes with a materia. Loz backs off believing his task complete anyways as Tifa calls out for Cloud.

    Kadaj continues his warpath against Cloud even going so far as to summon Bahamut SHIN against him. While Cloud is busy fighting the summon and finally defeats it, Kadaj has made his way to Tifa to finish the job that Loz left undone. He smirks as Cloud arrives at the church. Racing to the scene, Cloud discovers it's too late and despite all of his efforts, Tifa is dead.

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