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  • Member: -Heero-
  • Studio: Dream Fall
  • Title: Mission Jappan
  • Premiered: 2008-07-03
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    • Ghost In The Shell OST Zero Signal
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  • Comments: My new clip was created especially for polish amv contest KTA 2008. In this one I tried to present a simple alternative story for the anime Vexille. I will briefly sum it up: The USA agency connects to a satellite and sees that Japan is a wasteland and Tokio is only a small part of the Tokio-it-used-to-be. The general is shocked, then gets a call from the higher authorities (some orders maybe?). There is a briefing, and soldiers of S.W.O.R.D are instructed on their mission. Infiltrate the port of Tokio (or what has been left of Tokio). Later on as visible in the amv, something goes wrong, and only one person survives. She is then rescued and hidden in the city. But something is wrong. When she witnesses one of the inhabitants.... changing. Then a sudden swift of action occurs. She takes part in an attack prepared by the resistance, the goal is DAIWA (the ones behind Japan's destruction). They lure large worm-like creatures into the heart of DAIWA.
    The credits are like and additional story. Where the S.W.O.R.D group attacks a mansion, inside which one of the DAIWA authorities is hiding. Note that this story is not true for the anime Vexille.

    I tried my best to make this clip as good as I can, and people say I've improved my skills. I edited this clip in a way that scenes from the beginning and middle part of the anime are mixed and still they seem like happening one after another. Also there are some changed parts ;) Here I'd like to specially thank my friend Mystalur who created a custom background for one scene. I won't tell you which one ;) Those who saw the anime will catch it. :) I also want to express my gratitude for Arczi for his beta-test and Paco for her support and guides.

    What more can I say, I hope you will have fun watching this clip, as I had while creating it.

    Note: The double 'p' in 'Japan' in the title is not a mistake, this was intended.

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