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  • Members: Autraya, sweetdeily
  • Studio: Walküre
  • Title: Kujikette Hamanasu
  • Premiered: 2008-07-06
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    • Shakespear's Sister Stay
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    "This is yaoi, it require male on male action, not female on female, male on female, male on male dog, male on a tree. Just male on male, actually man on man. There are no characters under eighteen, you keep your jailbait." ~xedward hyde

    Video created specifically for Yaoi-con and to torment the homophobic Aussie AMV competition coordinators (there being 1 exception of course). We'd claim that's it's for Radical Yue who is no longer jailbait but she knows we missed her b'day ;_;
    We've been asked many times why we hadn't made a new yaoi video this year, mostly we think it's because Sweetdeily only does AMVs if I make her as she has other interests. We also fight continiously when working on a video so it's not really fun anymore, this may be our last collab.

    Segment breakup:
    0.00 -0.25 Autraya
    0.25 - 0.48 Sweetdeily
    0.48 -1.28 Autraya
    1.28 - 1.37 Sweetdeily
    1.37 - 1.59 Autraya
    1.59 - 2.18 Sweeydeily
    2.18 - end + outro Autraya

    1. video starts with Hijikata being "haunted" by Okita Souji this based after the end of the video.
    2. As the colour change from the blues to normal we go into flashback mode. (what's this? flashbacks that aren't in sepia tone!!?)
    3. Hijikata meets Okita (boy being 18 according to history), they get "jiggy" but Hijikata is quite brutal and possessive.
    4. Okita cheats on Hijikata with other wacko christian guy from the series (i forget his name) They get caught.
    5. Hijikata grabs katana to kill them and the new guy fires an arrow at him, which he catches and throws back at Okita.... new guy jumps in front and takes the arrow. Hijikata cuts cuts him down for good measure.
    6. Okita looses it and goes nuts at hijikata... in the ensueing fight Hijikata kills okita
    7. Hijikata holds him while he dies and the cherry blossoms turn to fire.

    Editing time: 50+ hours
    Programs: AE, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop CS2, AMVapp, nuff said.


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