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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Inner Conflict
  • Premiered: 2008-07-05
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    • Ashes Divide Forever Can Be
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  • Comments: This video was an experiment with HD, (1080p) sources (legal ones that is...). I ripped the HD-DVD and tested various methods to edit with the files. Unfortunately I was unable to make the source editable using avisynth. I had to convert my source to lagarith which created a ~200gb file. Luckily I have a 500gb hard drive for these kind of things.

    The video itself is nothing spectacular. I edited the video from the end first. As you can tell, thats the only good part. My original idea was to convey some inner thoughts and emotions from the main characters. I think throughout the movie it seems like Briareos is always questioning himself. I think movie is about him coming to terms with his situation. He's practically a machine with very little left to differentiate between that and his human side. Yet Deunan still treats him has her friend, partner, and lover. It was supposed to be mostly about him which is why there's that part of his friend dieing and the funeral. He feels guilty for his death.

    In the movie they introduce Tereus who is, for the lack of a better word, a clone of Briareos before he was turned into a cyborg.

    I originally named the video "Project Stone" because my original idea was to use the song The Stone instead. I had only heard that song from Ashes Divide at the time so it was the only song i thought of when i started this experiment. After the album was released i listened to more and thought this one would work better for what i imagined. The song is too slow for the source. This is an action movie and the song is dramatic. As i told Kristyrat, for someone who makes Drama/Action videos, this is hard, lol.

    The video was edited using the dvd sources and then later the HD source was swapped in before encoding. I had to do some timing between the two sources before editing to make sure they would line up. It wasn't difficult as all i had to do was a little trimming in avisynth. Alternately i could've made mjpegs of the hd source.

    I ended up cutting the song significantly so save on time. I was sick of editing it and I just wanted to finish the video. I cut out the first chorus and half of the second one. Unfortunately i feel that removing those also removes a lot of the buildup the last chorus has. I'm not completely annoyed by that as I feel like if i hadn't the video would never be completed. I am saddened that I'm not talented enough to work with it.

    I named the video "Inner Conflict" for a few reasons. All three of these characters are having to deal with their own inner thoughts. Briareos is coming to terms with who he is and there is a clone of him wandering around. Deunan struggles with Briareos's condition and later his affliction with the nanomachines. She is also confused by Tereus's appearance. She said it herself in the movie: she is confused when she's around him. Tereus is put into the middle of these two, not by choice. I think he feels he has to live up to Briareos' reputation. He also acquires feelings for Deunan. He is a clone of her lover after all.

    Thanks goes to Kristyrat who inadvertently gave me my idea for the beginning of the video. I was really stuck and after talking to him briefly about what i should do, i came up with something completely different, lol. Now finish yur video :|!

    I guess I should say thanks for the handful of beta testers, I'm pretty sure most of them just commented on the source and not the actual video :| ya jerks. I dun care how good it looks :|!!

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