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  • Member: vortexvideo
  • Studio: Vortex Video
  • Title: So Beautiful
  • Premiered: 2003-04-08
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    • Tiffany Could've Been
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  • Comments: This video took 2nd place at the Anime Iowa Music Video Contest. Of all of my videos, it is my favorite. I was a huge fan of Robotech back in the eighties and remain so to this day. Apart from Starblazers a few years earlier, Robotech was my introduction to the world of anime. Spoilers abound in this video. I think I was really able to capture the essence of the "love story that could have been" with this video. The video is told from Minmei's point of view. It is a look back on all the events that happened in her and Rick's relationship. I was a bit hesitant about including Kyle at first but I figured if I didn't then Rick would really look like a big jerk. The song especially fits the video with it being from an 80s female pop idol. It reminds me of some of the songs from the Robotech soundtrack. I actually heard the song over the loudspeakers as I was getting my oil changed one day. I heard it and knew immediately that it was perfect for a video. I was seeing the video in my head as I was listening. I finished the video in less than a week.

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