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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Studio: Random Destination Studios
  • Title: Go the distance
  • Premiered: 2008-05-16
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    • Bill Conti Gonna fly now (John X Remix)
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    Japanator Article

    My first video under the RDS name.

    This is a tribute to the Rocky series using Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit).

    I always wanted to make a live action Rocky video. When Rocky Balboa finally came out to DVD in spring of 07', I would finally have all the footage I needed to make a video. Sadly I couldn't really think of an idea that I liked very much. I also had plans to do an individual Ippo video. It was originally gonna be a simple Ippo video to the original Gonna fly now, but I couldn't really think of a way to put it together. After much thought, I decided... why not combine the two video ideas together?

    I thought the John X remix of Gonna Fly Now on the Rocky Balboa soundtrack sounded much more vibrant and energetic as opposed to the original theme (don't get me wrong, it's a great theme, but the John X remix sounded better for the idea I had in mind). The actual term in the movies is "Going the Distance", but I went with "Go the distance" instead as it sounded a little better for some reason.

    The video's a simple tribute to the Rocky films and there's really no story involved as opposed to my past crossover videos.


    - Most of the cuts in the video are simple straight cuts in order to match the feel of the Rocky training montages. I think I used less than 5 fades in the entire video.

    - There's something from all 6 Rocky films in the video. See if you can spot them all!

    - I don't fully consider this a crossover video like my past ones since there's no story involved. There's alot of crossover elements, but I don't consider it a full crossover.

    - The last part of the video was obviously the most difficult to do. I don't think it's "Who framed Roger Rabbit" quality, so I hope I did an ok job...

    - I don't hate Rocky 5 :P

    Awards and other showings:
    - Best of Show Anime Central (ACen) 2008

    - Shown during the Anime Expo 2008 AMV contest seating

    - Shown at Otakon 2008's overflow

    - Best Upbeat/Fun Animethon 15

    - Best Tribute AWA 14


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