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  • Member: Ijexis
  • Studio: NirvAna Studios
  • Title: Eternity
  • Premiered: 2008-06-07
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  • Songs:
    • Masanori Takumi Mother-Daughter Bond
    • Nobuo Uematsu To Zanarkand
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  • Comments: Lost in the Everglades
    Dancing with the Wind
    Quietly I stare in awe as
    My WorlD begins to End.
    *sigh* I can't even begin to describe this video in words. I started this on Nov 15th, 07 which is the birthday of both my mother and sister. About 2 days later my grandmother was hospitalized, and for the strangest reason it urged me to edit this more. However when my grandmother was released I suddenly lost the urge to edit and put the project off for a few months. But the main reason was because I originally thought the video would not be well received due to the fact that many people only seemed to care for vids with effects and the thoughts of adding effects just to please those people kept plaguing me. That would have defeated the purpose of the vid and I stopped working on it so I would not make any mistakes I would inevitably regret.
    I had no plans for this video, it just started coming together and the concept gave birth to itself. There isn't a particular story and yet every scene is meant to flow from each other creating it's own universe. I used the anime segment of Utada Hikaru's Passion music video to incorporate the floating figure that I will refer to as the WishTaker.

    NOTE: Due to the hassle I had all day of actually getting the video uploaded, I made a critical error and forgot to compress the audio. Will rectify my mistake at a later time after I've gotten some sleep.

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