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  • Member: mckeed
  • Studio: Dark Side Productions
  • Title: Unfinished Business
  • Premiered: 2008-06-19
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    • 3 Doors Down It's not my time
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  • Comments: I was going to make another naruto video to this song, but since i lost all my RAW's and didn't feel like waiting for the DVD's to come from netflix, I decided to make this with Afro Samurai instead since i had just finished watching it when it showed up from Netflix.

    I tried to keep this as much action and give a little background in the character and show his unyielding drive twords his goal. I really liked the evil afro fight so i decided to focus a bunch on this fight as the music lent itself to one big long sequence.

    This video surprisingly took a very short amount of time to make. I haven't really edited in a long time and wanted to put something simple togeather. This is that result. It isn't as perfect as i like it to be, but i was trying to get this done for the otakon dealine.

    Hope you Enjoy it.

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