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  • Member: HurQlez03
  • Studio: HurQlez Productions
  • Title: NG3
  • Premiered: 2008-06-01
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    • 300 Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: Man, a lot has happened in 8 months. I graduated college, I got a new Mac Pro, and I got accepted in an intensive program in Los Angeles! I actually started off with making a different AMV, but it is amazing how passion can start from something different from what you are doing. I was watching AMVs on YouTube where they did Evangelion with the trailer for "300", and right there the passion for making AMVs bloomed again,

    This is actually two (or three) firsts in this AMV. It is the first trailer I ever did, and this is the first AMV I made with an extensive use of Adobe After Effects (as well as Photoshop and Illustrator). How to make masks from clips and make lip syncing was amazing. This was also the first time I used the anime NGE in four years, the last time I used it was in "Faithess". And to make it even better, I finally got to use the platinum edition of NGE.

    Now the one thing I felt that many of my AMVs lacked were the high video quality that you see on "Toushi" and MagicPad". Well I did an exhaustive search on how to make it better and I believe thank to the Mac program, Compressor, I got the best quality out there for you all to see!

    What makes a trailer different yet similar to using a song, is that there were several different sound effects in this audio track. And being the guy I am, I couldn't just let those sound effects go by without some kind of visual. It was tough, man. There was the elephant, the sword scraping, the several beast grunts, it was just hard work trying to find the perfect visual substitute.

    If there are a couple of things I could point out as my favorite parts, it would be the part where Rei's white body lays above the clouds. I thought I could get away with just the clip itself, but I realized it needed the smoke effects like in the real trailer. So I used After Effects with effect mood lighting and lighting bend background with a mesh warp. I was amazed at how beautiful it looks.

    So sit back and enjoy my Evangelion-300 trailer, which I like to call: NG3.


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