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  • Studio: Aquiline Studios
  • Title: A Raven's Pride
  • Premiered: 2008-06-20
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    • Echo Image Need to be Proud
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  • Comments: Thank you in advance for NOT uploading my videos to YouTube.

    What They Say:

    "nice audio, nearly blew my ears off" - Autraya
    "Yay for a Tutu video that isn't all random dancing and actually has some depth" - Radical_Yue
    "The Best character profile I've seen since a long time." - Dark-Krystal
    "Loved it, almost made me cry ... Deep and well executed dramatic Character Profile" - Kevmaster
    "Wait, there's a part 2?" - Kitsuner

    What I Say:

    Every story needs a villain. If yours spends most of the story sealed away and unable to properly manifest himself, then he needs a representative.

    This particular representative wasn't that bad, to begin with. Much like certain Christmas trees, she just needed a little love.
    And she'd been led to believe that her best -- nay, only -- chance to be loved lay in the prince.

    It was enough, for her, at first. Just to be with him, to hear him say he loved her, that was enough. (Never mind the fact that he had less clue what love was than Howard Jones or Haddaway.)
    She would have been happy to let things stay that way.

    But they couldn't. Every good story involves change, and it wasn't long before our heroine noticed that her beloved prince was indeed changing: slowly, gradually, he actually began regaining his lost emotions. What is more, he became more curious, more questioning of the status quo.
    Not that it caused him to avoid her, or anything like that. But the hand could not be turned back, and our protagonist feared that her ideal was slipping away: surely, with the prince learning the pain of emotions and openly questioning the nature of those he had newly found, it could not hold up much longer.
    What she didn't remember was that, if the prince regained his heart, the story would be set in motion anew... and pit her directly against him in the major conflict of the plot. But even though she couldn't remember the reason, she still felt the urgency.

    She had to figure out some way to keep him by her side.

    And she knew exactly who was responsible for all of it. Oh, she knew.
    She had seen it, the restoration of bits of the prince's heart, at times when that self-important so-called princess had thought no one else was around.
    Who did she think she was, anyway? The prince had been getting along perfectly fine before this whole mess had started. It was not as if he had ever asked for his emotions to be returned -- much less these painful ones such as sorrow, loneliness, fear... and to make it worse, he seemed to have a certain odd fascination with this princess, why should he be so interested in her when he had --

    No! She was NOT going to have it. She would put a stop to it.

    She had to remember that she WAS capable of being loved (if she'd just give it a chance)... she had reason to be proud. She was, after all, one of the best ballet students at the academy; she never felt so herself, so alive, as when she was dancing. She had her whole life still ahead of her. She had done well for herself so far, all told.

    But it was then that another memory asserted itself: she was also Kraehe, the Raven Princess.
    Oh yes. That little witch was not the only princess in this story.

    She had the power of the raven's blood at her disposal, and she intended to use it. If that was what it took to get her prince back, she would do it.

    If she had to forcibly steal the shards...
    If she had to risk the sword of the knight...
    If she had to go so far as to taint the prince's emotions with raven's blood...
    ... if it would get her her prince back, she would do it all.

    What the Lyrics Say:

    Falling like grey leaves do
    She felt the walls
    Tumbling over her soul

    She has no words to say
    She felt the presence
    Of another black day

    Need to be proud of what you are
    But you're flying by
    Hope you won't try those things again
    But your words are flying high

    Trying to figure out
    Why things went wrong,
    Why she has nothing left
    To do

    She wants to see the light
    But shadows drags her [sic]
    To another black place


    To be proud... [etc.]

    [Repeat Chorus]

    To be proud...

    What the Judges Say:

    Winner, Drama category at AnimeNEXT 2008
    Finalist at Japan Expo International 2008
    Finalist at Otakon 2008
    Best Character Profile in Anime Weekend Atlanta 14's Expo

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    Edit 2/3/09: This is a Rue / Kraehe character profile. Adding this because I just realized that I ought to have those keywords in the description somewhere so that it would show up on more searches.

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