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  • Member: poolfan
  • Studio: Takumi's Shrine
  • Title: Fist of Kenichi's Fury
  • Premiered: 2008-05-25
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    • Fist of Fury Tv Series Audio from Episode 29
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  • Comments: Video: By making a series of uncompressed then compressed conversions, I made the best of Fansub footage available to me. I had to up the size of the video to maintain that quality.

    Audio: ATV Drama serial 'Fist of Fury' starring Donnie Yen who was the choreographer, actor and editor. He wanted the series to be a tribute towards Bruce Lee. It's a TV series made in 1995. I can really appreciate the efforts Donnie made towards the editing of the fights. He's also a fan of undercranking in those days so I tried to adopt a similar style here.

    The audio was 99% unadulterated and was from a fight between Donnie Yen and a Japanese Martial Artist . I tried my best to sync Kenichi's fight with Ryuuto to the fast beats and blows of the original audio.

    Take note it is extremely difficult to replicate the exact fight between Donnie and Japanese guy even though there are plenty of footage on Kenichi v.s Ryuuto

    The speech in in the audio were all the thoughts of Donnie Yen as he remembered his master's teachings.

    First half of the video:
    Kenichi (Donnie) thought about the 2 aspects of Jeet Kune do
    1) One must be fluid and move according to the opponent's moves and strike according to the opponent's strikes.
    2) why attack through 3 elaborated paths when you can make a direct hit through the opponent's weakness in defence.

    In the 2nd half of the video:
    In the style of Jeet Kune Do, Kenichi (Donnie) made a series of 7 strikes towards his opponent.

    The 7 strikes:
    1st strike is a decoy (in the original, the decoy is a poke to the eyes)
    2nd strike to the chest
    3rd strike: a blow to the head
    4th: an elbow strike
    5th strike: a series a punches to the abdomen and a series of fast and powerful kicks
    6th: a grappling throw
    7th: a punch that can kill a thousand soldiers

    Reason it was made:I'm a fan of both series (and also martial arts in general and definitely Bruce Lee who inspired the FOF series) and i always wanted to know how I'd do if i had tried to edit a martial arts film. Basically a short fun Parody. I had fun making it.

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