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  • Member: mtarzaim
  • Studio: Killer Penguin Productions
  • Title: Always Ulquiorr
  • Premiered: 2008-06-01
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    • Mondotek alive
    • Scooter Always Hardcore
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  • Comments: Fanart is an interesting matter ...

    It gives you what you were expecting for, sometimes even more, when the official releases get sluggish like hell.

    Bleach didn't make the exception, and numberous fanarts goes where no espada has ever gone. ^^
    What stroke me at that time is the hype around Ulquiorra, and of course the UlquiHime faction.

    The fanarts were funny, clever and most of times anti-canon, far away from the true character.
    And then I thought :
    "What if, the Ulquiorra from the manga, and Ulquiorra from the fanarts, were a one and unique person ?
    How a character, 100% emotionless, would react to such a display of love, fanboyism and mad support ?
    What if Manga and fanarts collided together ?"

    That's how I began to imagine a hyped Ulquiorra, totally extatic, running wild on his fellow espadas and the main characters.
    Fanarts are right !
    Ulquiorra is the main protagonist of Bleach. Time for the world to feel the ulquiorrness !

    I needed a song to illustrate both the Ulquiorra from the anime and from the fanarts.
    So I chose "Always hardcore".
    Because the lyrics were exactly what I was looking for.
    Because I wanted to do a little eyecatch to our famous french amvmaker : Nostromo.
    His "FMA - Always hardcore" setted a standard in over-energic dancing camera-use amvs.

    Finally, there it is.
    A never-seen-before tribute to a ever-seen Ulquiorra.
    As a bonus : Nnoitra lovelove parade !
    Don't miss the lesson from the love master. ^^

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