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  • Title: Twilight Sky
  • Premiered: 2008-05-21
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    • Twilight Movie Trailer Teaser Trailer
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  • Comments: Well well well... I actually accomplished something. I know, it's an impossibility! But then again, impossible things happen all the time! XD

    Ok Ok..... Let's get to describing the video.

    First off, the source footage is Fruits Basket. Personally, I found this to be the most dramatic/sentimental/romance anime in existance right now. I find it to be one of my favorite anime, and I love every aspect of it. So, when I decided a few weeks ago to make a trailer video of the movie that is the movie version of my absolute favorite book series in existance. So the combo wasn't totally unexpected. :O

    So let's talk about the series for you guys that haven't read the books. First off, there is the main character, Bella Swan (represented by Tohru Honda). Bella is a 17 year old girl who has moved to Forks, out of respect for her mother and her new husband, and to be with her father in his town (which both she despises intesnsely). However, things get unusual when she meets Edward Cullen (represented by Kyo Somah). She falls immidiately head over heels in love with the boy. However, a series of events leads to Bella finding out that Edward is a vampire. Not only that, Edward's blood type that he most enjoys to drink is Bella's blood. Very epic, I know. :O

    So, let's talk about the suddle nuances of the trailer video. We have it starting out with Kyo sitting emo-like in school. Tohru sees him and falls head over heels for him. We skip ahead to where Tohru confronts Kyo about his true self. Kyo admits it. Then, we move to Yuki (representing the character emmett in the book series) who doesn't think Kyo should be with Tohru, because it could totally ruin his familiy's life (there are 7 members to Edward's family) and expose them as vampires. Anyway, so Edward gets all sad because his family doesn't like his love-interest. We swap to scenes of Tohru walking around school, daydreaming of Kyo. Then we see Kyo stalking the poor girl. However, Yuki doesn't want to take chances, so he attempts to take out Tohru (note: this scene is a work of imagination on my part, as it does not occur in the book or movie). Kyo stops him, and decides to be with Bella. Bella admits that she is not afraid of him, and Kyo finall accepts her for who she is. The AMV ends with Kyo lovingling looking at Tohru on the roof, waiting for twilight to come.

    I would like to thank my wonderful beta testers who talked with me over MSN one night telling me about what needed fixing.

    My buddy Jacob Jamell, who helped me out with timing of the music. Thanks!

    -Fa- who pointed out subtle mistakes in lip sync.

    The Original Head Hunter who pointed out mistakes in lip sync and in scene selection.

    surfsama, for helping me out with coloring effects & boosting my moral!

    guy07 for telling me exactly what sucked. XD

    SF_Phoeninx for coming late to the party, but still providing some sound advice in the process.

    Ghet, who I totally didn't forget to put here. O_O (Thanks for a very deep analysis of the video(

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    Codec: x64
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    Editing System: Adobe Premier Pro CS3

    Enjoy! ^_^

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