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  • Member: MysteriousRyder
  • Title: The Harassment of Kyon
  • Premiered: 2008-05-25
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    • Avril Lavigne Girlfriend
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  • Comments: Yaoi-Con 2008 AMV Contest - Best of Show and Best Comedy

    Nan Desu Kan 2008 AMV Contest - Best of Show Viewer's Choice and Best Comedy

    Anime Evolution 2008 AMV Contest - Audience Best Overall and Best Comedy

    Otakon 2008 AMV Contest - Best of Show and Best Comedy

    Animethon 15 2008 AMV Contest - Audience Best Overall, Judges Best Overall, Best Comedy/Parody

    Anime Expo 2008 AMV Contest - Best of Show and Best Comedy

    AnimeNext 2008 AMV Contest - Best Comedy

    Fanime Con 2008 FMV Contest - Comedy Finalist

    Yes, the annoying Girlfriend song strikes again!

    And I can't believe I listened to it every single day for about a month. O_o I felt like I was going to go insane...

    Originally, I was going to make a video where Haruhi is singing to Kyon and driving him crazy. However, considering that there were already 100+ Haruhi videos with the Girlfriend song, I decided to mix things up a bit and have our favorite well-liked/well-hated smiling esper sing to (or rather, harass) the poor guy instead.

    But I ran across another problem: there were barely any Kyon and Itsuki scenes (compared to the amount of Haruhi and Kyon scenes) in the anime, nevertheless scenes that actually show any shounen-ai/yaoi implications between the two. Yes, there's the scene with Itsuki staring at Kyon's mole and the part when Itsuki holds his hand, but other then that, everything else seemed so platonic between the two.

    I began to worry because I had less then a month to create this AMV before the next competition deadline (AX 2008), and I wasn't sure if I could finish it in time given the challenge of working with a lack of Kyon and Itsuki slashable scenes. I was tempted to do a Haruhi and Kyon one since I know I'll definitely be able to finish within a month (there was so much footage I could use). But then, there's so many Haruhi and Kyon Girlfriend videos out there already that it's no fun to just make another one. And I got sick of seeing Haruhi/Kyon pairings.

    So, I finally settled on the Itsuki and Kyon idea and just went with it. And once I began making my AMV, I suddenly had an idea: why not make most of the AMV from Kyon's perspective, similar to the style of the anime and the novels? This would help cut down on the number of actual Itsuki scenes I would need, and at the same time, allow the AMV to concentrate more on Kyon's reactions to the whole thing. Plus, throwing in some Haruhi bashing scenes in there may make it more fun too (not that I have anything against Haruhi...:::cough cough:::).

    And thus, I had my plan set out, and ended up finding my video get crazier...and crazier...and crazier. O_o Next thing I knew, Itsuki had become an obsessive smiling stalker, and the harassment towards Kyon had gotten worst and worst.

    Also, it turns out there were a lot more Itsuki footage then I thought. And after making this video, I'm starting to question the so-called "platonic" relationship between Kyon and Itsuki.

    Yaoi fans, enjoy your Itsuki x Kyon!

    YURI, there's some Yuri too. ;P

    BIG THANKS to my sister for helping me photoshop some images, and also to alkampfer81 for always answering my questions and always being so helpful!

    And, MAJOR BIG THANKS to my mom for putting up with listening to this song everyday in the living room for a month while I was making this!

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