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  • Member: Undeadborn
  • Studio: DZ-Studios (D-Zi-Er Studios)
  • Title: Forget Me Not
  • Premiered: 2008-05-20
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    • VNV Nation Beloved
    • VNV Nation Illusion
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    Thanks to Yukinon for translate this.

    Personal Comment

    Lots of things inspired me to make this video. It was on Friday, when the internet conection went, and I watched the video "The place between sleep and awake" by NightPunisher I decided to do something different with FF8.

    At that moment I was listening to Beloved by VNV Nation and I was thinking about its lyrics and I wanted to transform the original story into something similar. Everything turned out totally different to what I thought of first, every time I edited I came up with something new and I didn't know where I could get, I just let myself go and that's how this came to be.

    The realization of the video was short but intense. It's only been 2 days and a half, and every moment that passed I thought of new things until it's culmination, even when I was doing the credits I came up with something original. Such open scenes and of so many possible meanings like the FF8 ones give lots of options.

    The song is perfect for what I want to transmit. The combination of the two character's feelings, of their promise and of my new story.

    This video can really be interpreted in many ways; metaphors are powerful.
    When you watch it you will probably think different things and you won't totally get it, but this is the vision I wanted to give it when creating it:


    First Part: Squall

    00:00 – 00:27
    Squall appears in an empty and deserted place, so he starts to walk with no direction in search of answers.

    00:28 – 00:54
    At the same time as he walks, he starts remembering Rinoa and the promise they made each other, slowly, while the memories appear.

    The texts about the promise are the same ones as in the Opening of the game, with the same type of writing.
    Arial represents Squall and Times New Roman Rinoa.
    For this sort of video that simplicity is like I want it.

    The memories are shown in camera mode. They are reproduced as something already lived and the timer is inverted, indicating a duration that will end at some time.

    The final scene is Rinoa's face. It isn’t shown as a memory because it’s more like something out of his imagination.

    00:55 – 01:21
    He starts to get tired of walking in no direction and the memories are getting more intense.
    Finally the scene ends with his imagination, of how he would like to hug her, but he doesn't manage it.

    01:22 – 01:52
    He's getting more and more desperate. The more he remembers, the more he suffers for not being with her and not knowing what's happening. In the end he falls to the ground beaten.

    01:53 – 02:16
    When the memory of the kiss ends, he looks up, seeing more clearly.
    The last word of the promise, "I Promise", shatters into pieces.
    Now the colors of the memories are more intense, as well as Rinoa now he remembers his companions and moments of his life, ending with the images of his two enemies.

    02: 17 – 02:21
    All the memories are mixed up in small fragments, and the last scene is the one of Squall crying in the present as he realizes something.

    02:22 – 02:48
    He remembers the fight with his enemies. The time of the memories is ending. When finally it gets near 0, the memory of his death appears.

    The memories end with the scene of Rinoa in her moan, trying to catch him.
    This scene starts getting more and more real (the effect of Noise is eliminated) giving to understand the proximity of the world in which Squall is now.

    02:49 – 03:16
    When he understands that he's dead, and that probably now he finds himself in the other world, he thinks that he will never see Rinoa again and that the promise is impossible to fulfill.

    All his memories start to erase themselves, that's why the time jumps randomly and it's all slowly eliminated.

    The scene ends with the feather falling symbolizing the end.

    03:17 – 03:44
    Suddenly Rinoa appears in the same world that Squall is in.

    Slowly a camera appears and starts recording with the real video time, giving to understand that it's the present that's being recorded. The battery is nearly empty.

    Rinoa sees Squall lying on the ground, not responding. She doesn't know what's happened, she only cries and hugs him.

    Finally the battery finishes, without knowing what really happened. The real ending… is in the second part.

    Second Part: Rinoa

    04:00 – 04:18
    Rinoa appears in a world similar to where Squall was.
    She then also remembers her good moments with him.

    She remembers Squall's death and holds the amulet tightly, remembering their promise, wishing to find Squall to fulfill it.

    The song now sounds different, showing Rinoa's feelings. Now you can see things from her point of view.

    04:19 – 04:44
    Finally she finds Squall.

    Her timer is reaching 0.

    Her last memory: Her own death.

    She starts to understand it all: she understands that they are both dead, but she's not sure what's happened to Squall.

    She cries. She's found Squall but it's too late.

    Her memories are then eliminated as well.


    Why are the memories eliminated?

    I give two options, think of yours.

    1 – When you love someone so much and you think it's impossible to be with her you have no choice but to forget everything (Squall). Hope exists but it's not unlimited. Rinoa loved him but didn't get there in time, so he has no choice but to eliminate her memories too.

    2 – What is there after death? Who knows, maybe when you die you will be in a transition between your past life and your new life. In that transition you see your whole life go by and when you get to the memory of your own death, all your memories are eliminated, to pass on to a new life.

    And then, what would have happened if Rinoa had got there in time? Who knows.


    Lyrics First Part – Squall (VNV Nation – Beloved)

    It's colder than before
    The seasons took all they had come for
    Now winter dances here
    It seems so fitting don't you think?
    To dress the ground in white
    And grey

    It's so quiet I can hear
    My thoughts touching every second
    That I spent waiting for you
    Circumstances afford me
    No second chance to tell you
    How much I've missed you

    My beloved do you know
    When the warm wind comes again
    Another year will start to pass
    And please don't ask me why I'm here
    Something deeper brought me
    Than a need to remember

    We were once young and blessed with wings
    No heights could keeps us from their reach
    No sacred place we did not soar
    Still greater things burned within us
    I don't regret the choices that I've made
    I know you feel the same

    My beloved do you know
    How many times I stared at clouds
    Thinking that I saw you there
    These are feelings that do not pass so easily
    I can't forget what we claimed was ours

    Moments lost though time remains
    I am so proud of what we were
    No pain remains, no feeling
    Eternity awaits
    Grant me wings that I might fly
    My restless soul is longing
    No pain remains, no feeling
    Eternity awaits

    Lyrics Second Part – Rinoa (VNV Nation – Illusion)

    Please don't go, I want you to stay
    I'm begging you please, please don't leave here
    I don't want you to hate for all the hurt that you feel
    The world is just illusion trying to change you

    Please don't go, I want you to stay
    I'm begging you please, oh please don't leave here
    I don't want you to change for all the hurt that you feel
    This world is just illusion always trying to change you


    Software Used

    Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
    Adobe After Effects 7.0 Pro

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