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  • Members: Kalean, Unmei-chan
  • Studio: Twilight Dawn
  • Title: Exercises In Futility
  • Premiered: 2008-05-21
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    • Marilyn Manson Use Your Fists And Not Your Mouth
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  • Comments: I know what you're thinking - a Bleach video? Really?

    ... Actually, I have no idea what you're thinking, but that doesn't matter much. Yes, this is a Bleach video. Yes, it's set to a Marilyn Manson song that more or less removes any possibility of Lyrical synch or even integrity. Fortunately, I don't have a lot of integrity to begin with ;P

    Of the two videos I entered into AX this year (2008), this was be the one Iwould have expected to make it in. It didn't though, so hopefully there'll be some really nice videos to watch :}

    This one... is technically average. Some effects here and there, good timing in as many places as I felt I could manage (Excepting the beginning of the video, where I just couldn't feel it. ) But it's probably one of the better videos I've made so far, so you can watch it, point, and laugh. Please. Feel free.

    I decided to make this video when I was reading the Bleach manga and...


    ...when I was reading the Bleach manga, and Ulquiorra and Ichigo finally had a fight. It really isn't hard to understand my state of mind, with an explanation, though it might be hard to figure out why I thought it'd make a good video.

    Ichigo spends what amounts to the entire series powering up to new heights of... well... power. Nothing new there, that's what all action animes do. So then, after getting severely flounced by grimmjow, and completely mocked by ulquiorra as harmless, Ichigo spends ANOTHER ARC poweirng up. No big deal. Just about half a year's worth of powering up to become a new super powerful force.

    So after this entire arc, we see how powerful he is against Grimmjow as sort of a tech demo, and we expect to be fully satisfied when he reaches Grimmjow.

    ... Unfortunately, after the full 26 some odd episodes of powering up to fight the Espada, Ichigo was dispensed with by Ulquiorra in a sum total of approximately 12.5 seconds. Disregarding dialogue, of course. This was a bit of a twist in the plot, because while there's always something to make it more dramatic at the last second, the main character doesn't usually DIE before he can so much as wound the character he's trying to fight. It's made all the much further more insulting and atypical, by the fact that Ulquiorra reveals himself to be the FOURTH strongest Espada. There are still three stronger than him, yup. What does this mean? It basically is an entire Arc that boils down to Ulquiorra pointing at Ichigo and saying "You just got punk'd" ... or something like that.

    It amused me, so now there's a video for it. How's that for an explanation? ... ...Yeah. I ramble.


    ...Ops are appreciated. As always.

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