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  • Member: orderinchaos
  • Title: Flames Of Nirai Kanai
  • Premiered: 2008-05-23
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    • Sugarcult Los Angeles
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  • Comments: well, this amv took about a month to complete, what with random things not working in premiere and it being my first time using the program. honestly not my favorite of my amvs as of late, something about it just seems to lack cohesion somewhere. mostly i just feel like as good as it is it lacks something that could have made it a decent notch better. perhaps it was the confusion of changing my method for making it, or maybe it was just using the program for the first time but it just felt sloppy, or maybe just not enough energy. one part in particular, with quite a few parts of ep 19 i felt was a tad weak, although it seemed to get the desired effect regardless. currently entered to the fanime and ax amv contests, although it looks like it didnt make the finals for fanime. good chance itll wind up at ndk. comments appriciated but not necessary. and by that i mean, more than just pointing out the obvious or going LOL TIMING SUCKS or LOL TOO RANDOM. i may have a lot of free time, but not enough to read the retarded ramblings of those with a single digit iq

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