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  • Member: Fay-Sa
  • Title: The World I Dream Of
  • Premiered: 2008-04-15
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    • Yui rolling star
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    Hello everyone:

    Local is an MP4, can’t play then look up VLC player or download the Xivd via Direct link.

    Facts about this video that I do suggest you read

    1. I’ve wanted to edit to this song for almost a year now and how lip sync to it.

    2. Originally I was to have only Haruhi lip sync but I found the LA footage and I thought it would be cool to mix the two together. This is my real 1st try at lip syncing…damn it was a lot harder then I thought it would be. Also if you have a promble with the fact I used Haruhi to lip sync to bad cause that's what I wanted.

    3. Since I didn’t follow the lyrics meaning like I usually do clip selection was done very differently(see below & the video) so I didn’t bother knowing the full translation of the song since I didn’t follow it.

    4. This is my 1st video in which I did not edit in order on the timeline.

    5. Mostly clean opening and endings footage was used, mostly because of the camera movements and wide shots of the sky(which becomes a big reason with clip selection)

    6. Most of the Host Club clips were HaruhiXTamaki because I had started a video before hand with those two in it but it didn’t get very far so I already had a lot of the clips in use so I just keep them for this one.

    8. I didn’t use an opening picture in the beginning and from now on I’m just going to make a new one for each video.

    9. The promo picture was actually my poster project for my photoshop class, which is why it’s very long then wide, btw I got an A on it.

    10. The title comes from the 1st line in the chorus “Yume ni made mita you na sekai wa” which means “A world like I have seen in my dreams” which was shorten to “The World I Dream of” in some translations of the song.

    11. The song is the 5th opening to the anime Bleach

    12. The Girl who Leapt Through Time and Noein where added as last minute choices with Chobits being taken out

    13. Full moon and .hack//Roots only appear during the fast drum beats be hide the overly/masking and a few seconds in the credits. Shuffle, Bottle Fairy, and Naruto also only appears in the fast drum beats but once are used as the overly/mask near the end.

    14. I made the credits in less then 5 minute without really looking how it synced…it kinda synced well for just placing clips hehe. Though I notice I misspelled Haruhi in the credits….danm

    15. there no fact # 7 =P

    This video has been not only the most painfully to edit but also the most fun to edit in a long time. Going from story-driven amvs that follow what the words mean to something fast and fun and follows the tone.

    The singers tone is what mostly influences the clip choices and how the look can change, also how the backgrounds work together when one clip went to the next was a big deal. Also as somewhat mention above the sky and a “birds eye view” you can say was a big part when it comes to clips, since when I think of “World” it’s usually the sky that comes to mind. Same with some dreams.

    Almost everything that could go wrong during editing happen…happened, I had to re-import footage twice, my computer had to be re-booted and I had re-install everything and re-set a lot of stuff in my editor, and I had to re-link footage a number of times, editor crashing etc… and most of this happen before I even started the video or right when I did start it, but I’m very happy that I didn’t quit with this video. Though afterwards I went though hell and back getting the AR right so this is the bext I could do.

    All in all I’m pretty happy how this video turned out and I hope everyone else also likes it and are happy with it as well

    Enjoy and opinions and comments are welcome however if you leave criticism it please be constructive about it.


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