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  • Member: Relliknl
  • Title: Down the rabbit hole
  • Premiered: 2008-05-03
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    • Prodigy Voodoo People (pendulum remix)
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  • Comments: 1st place editors choice animecon 08(the Netherlands)

    It's been a while that i made an action video. I really like doing this kind of stuff. Only too bad that i didnt had enough time to give it my all. I was postponing my self in doing this project until the very end.
    I did the first minute in a time interval of 2 months. But i lacked the time i creating what i originally had in mind. The deadline was getting closer and i only had 1 week left to do the remaining 3 minutes. It my personal record in creating something that fast.
    But i kinda satisfied with the end result. I won at the con were i have been participating from the beginning when i was creating amv so that was my main goal. I just wanted to win there for once :)
    There are some flaws in it and i did say that i would fix it. But two week after the con noting has happened. only 1 minor scene but for the rest i is the same.
    I though i will keep it the same as the con as a good reminder for my self. I learnt t also that when im sitting behind my monitor and watching everything over and over, everything looks alot slower than on a huge big screen. I was like "omg this goes by quickly". so i was kinda surprised that I won because there were some very nice videos participating. one of them was from douggie. He won the audience award and he really deserved that, he was my number one.

    The main concept at first was too explore the part of quantum physics alot more. And in a way that haruka would do that step by step. But in the end i turned away from that for some reason.
    I also used footage from the movie: What the bleep do we know.
    I think I spend around 40 hours or so on this amv. I dont keep track of it.
    Programs used: Adobe After Effects cs3.


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