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  • Member: Sheepworld
  • Title: Here comes Fate
  • Premiered: 2008-05-18
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  • Song:
    • The Killers When You Were Young
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  • Comments: WARNING! This is BL as in Boy's love/yaoi (Sorry for not warning before) So if you don't like please don't download. Thanks

    A Junjou Romantica vid. Well, Junjou Egoist really. This amv is all about Hiroki and Nowaki and their relationship/problems with each other.

    As always, 100% subtitle free.

    When people hear The Killers they don't usually think romance but for some reason, whilst I was looking around for a song to make an amv with, this one really struck me. The feel I was going for wasn't an overly sentimental one but I hope it entertains people still.

    Most of the things that look like digital effects are actually timed jpgs and white blanks for flashes. Nevertheless, I really like how it turned out.

    Took me...a long time to make this. Sorry for never being specific. I can never really keep track of time!

    Anyway, comments and crit are always appreciated.

    If this video appears too dark on your screen, you may need to adjust the screen settings. Sorry bout that!

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