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  • Member: arianda
  • Studio: Fastass MaaFackaz
  • Title: Fading Memories
  • Premiered: 2008-05-16
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    • Slavi Trifonov & Desi Dobreva Vecherai, Rado
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  • Comments: This is my first AMV I am seriously into. I am fairly new to amv-making, but I have a great willingness and ambitions to see something done by me with lots of hard work. The programs I work with are quite hard to get to work easily with, and I guess it will take time, but with willingness you can get everything done. I used Adobe Afeter Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. This is the info about my start, so now let's go to the more important part - the amv.

    I have always wanted to make something different from the others, something unique, and maybe I have a fondness to dramatic videos, I take them more emotionally than other generes. The main anime my drama's focused on is D.N.Angel. I changed the story completely and used other animes to accomplish plot. The story itself is very emotional - it is about a boy (I used the protagonist from SaiKano), who reads an old diary, a diary about the life of a family - D.N.Angel's twins Risa and Riku, and some folks I decided to use as their parents shown in only one episode of the anime. Together they are a happy family and their story is told via the diary. The father is a famous musician, and his daughter Risa loves him very much and is admires hime the most of all. But in the middle of one of his concerts he suddenly passes away, recalling his wonderful family. The other members of the family soon realize what has happened, and Risa takes the news most horribly. She hardly understands the fact that the guiding light in her life, that her father was, her dearest friend, is now gone. Some time after the accident she becomes a vision of a young man, who she eventually understands is an angel reincarnated as her father, who comes to her to bring her lost happiness back. She gets to know him, but soon the time for him to go back from where he came is near, as he has fulfilled his mission. Risa can't take this parting again, as she loses an important person for the second time. Obsessed with the desire to stay with her father she runs along a street in the rain, with him standing in front of her on a bridge. As she goes on the bridge, it falls down and she loses her life, but gains happiness, as she is with her father once again, in the heavens. This is the story of the video. As you can see it is very dramatic. The the audio to the video is a song from my country, Bulgaria, and has very sensual violins, which go along with the concept of the video very well.

    I strongly hope you will enjoy this video. As last words I would like to add something very important. As I said, I am new to amv-making and my little dream about this video could not be true without my boyfriend, who also is an amv maker, Funky-kun. He helped me a lot, and without him I wouldn't be able to finish it. I would like to thank him for taking the time to help me, I will always remember this. :)

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