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  • Member: angelx03
  • Title: Prelude to Romance.....
  • Premiered: 2008-05-16
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    • Jun Abe & Seiji Mutou Hoshi wo Kazoeru Yorimo
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  • Comments: This is something I made that's considered "short and sweet" yuri video between two sisters Kanade and Yukino though it's mostly from Kanade's perspective. In a way this could act like a pseudo-trailer for Candy Boy due to its short length and not to mention the only DVD footage available is only about 8 min. long.

    And also another reason of making this is more of a dedication towards Alice, the RIT Anime Club president who's a total yuri fangirl. She'll be graduating this year which is pretty sad. This video is also a little birthday present from me. Happy 22nd Birthday, Alice!

    Time spent: about a day
    Software and programs used:
    Windows Movie Maker 2.1 (I miss my Premiere Pro!!! ;_;)

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