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  • Member: ShinyAppleProduction
  • Title: Today's End -Cream- [AIR]
  • Premiered: 2008-04-13
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  • Comments: Grr, 1:08 went funny. I tried to fix it, but it didn't work. The scene before that you also see subtitles. Sorry :P Crappy Vegas rendering T_T.
    This was my first Air AMV. :D I worked on this solid for 2 days, mainly just to make sure my timing was right. There is a few seconds of masking, but everything else was done using effects. It is one of my best, and is probably the best AMV I've made that shows emotion. I became pretty despressed when I started the end (See dedication), so I lost my muse.

    Song Edited: Yes. It is 4mins long, so I cut of all the male singing. There were a load of otherparts just music, but they just didn't fit :X.
    Time Taken: 2 days, guessing 14-18 hours XD.
    Why "Today's End": In The full length song, the first line translated is "Today's end In the neverending battle at high tide".
    Dedication: Mark Speight, who's body was found today in Paddington Station. I've watched him on tv ever since I was in Nursery, so I've always looked up to him. When they had found a body said to be him after disappearing for a week, I easily could have broken down. He was the nicest, artistic and creative guy you could ever meet. Mark, R.I.P.


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