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  • Member: ShinyAppleProduction
  • Title: Think Me Naive -Prelude- [AIR]
  • Premiered: 2008-04-30
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    • AFI Prelude 12/21
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  • Comments: My 2nd AIR AMV. And was alo my dad's birthdya present (Me = Broke xD) I used Lip Sync in some clips, but then I got bored :P.
    This AMV was a lot more complicated than it looks xD. For the beginning clips, I masked out the characters then gave a 75% black and white background. Then it got annoying and I said "screw this", and just did clips with a lot of flashes and effects from then on. I only used the Summer Arc, apart from one scene in the Air arc, when Haruko raises her hand and does the weird spinny thingy, as it fitted when Kanna does nearly the same :).

    Time Taken: 2-3 weeks, as I was busy with homework :P. f I totalled up the time, I'd say around 24-30 hours, because I am a slow ass xD.


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