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  • Member: ShinyAppleProduction
  • Title: [Tamaki's Worst Case Scenario]
  • Premiered: 2008-05-11
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  • Song:
    • The Hoosiers Worst Case Scenario
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  • Comments: PLEASE NOTE: Various parts of the AMV freeze. Sony Vegas did it, not me -_-.

    Okay, okay, don't kill me. I hated this AMV to begin with, but now it's grown on me xD. This was created in a average of 3 days, because it needed to be uploaded for a AMV contest on Youtube :D. I'm happy with some parts, unhappy with other parts, but overall I think I did a good job for a 3 day project -I generally take like 1 month to make a AMV xD.
    'Mkay. I've been wanting to do this for ages. I got the Hoosiers album "The Trick To Life" in November '07 for my birthday, and as soon as this song started I thought of Tamaki xD. I had to cut the song. Twice. And really badly :(. I'll redo it and make it longer one day.

    Dedication: Louise. I've known here since I was really young on the RKC forum, and we still talk now. I showed her meh AMV's like 1 week ago, and I offered to make her one for free :D. Sorry, Louise, it would have been FMA, but you would've waited like 3 months -_-.


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